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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Letters from the beginning !!!! Part 3

And on we go :

Well hello all, sorry its been a while but i have been very busy
with work type stuff.

Right so the first topic today is transport:
In Bulgaria there are many modes of transport and here are a few
that seem to be most popular:

Horse & Cart : For the dashing Gyspy around town this is a must.
The horse (or donkey for the little lady) looks as though it has been on
the planet for 1000 years and never been washed. The cart is a master
piece of bodgery . This will usual have a vans chassis as a base, after this
they take any non essential timber from their home and bolt it on to
fashion a crude cart. These are used for any type of work and generally cause
the most problems when they decide to move from field to road without
any indication.

The LADA : Two versions The Lada Car or for people who dont want
back problems at the age of 20 the Lada Niva Jeep !!. The jeep is a good
vehicle and quite competent on most terrains , so lets look at the car. This
is a classic,no power,no style and no brakes but do not fear,the bulgarians have cracked the style issue.
To improve the looks they will smash the headlights, pour salt water on the body daily to rust it and to top it off they will hang various religious icons from the interior
mirror (if they have not pulled it off). Its a master piece. Now usages for this vehicle can be anything from 6 overweight people to 1 and a half tonnes of bricks. One thing is certain though, there will be a lunatic at the wheel who has had far too much to drink and no driver training whatsoever.

The Modern Saloon : So you are probably wondering what the young
trendsetter around town will dare to be seen in. This can be classed
loosely as a modern saloon. It arrived from germany by strange means
,has 150,000 on the clock and, only if you are extremely well connected
will it have 4 wheels that match.
They come in all shapes and sizes, the best i have seen so far was an old model vectra, the bodywork was held together with chewing gum and the tyres were bald, BUT, it had 4 brand
spanking new alloys and the owner had even taken the time to paint the brake
calipers the same colour as the car. Unfortunately he forgot to add spots of
rust to match.

The rest of the population use buses that have been sold to them
after that classic show " On The Busses" finished in 1964 or using some
form of Scooter that is nothing more than a seat shakily tied to two wheels
and a hairdryer.

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